Conscious Entrepreneurs Are Taking Control of Their Radios to Master Their Intuition in Business

You are probably wondering what radios could have to do with mastering your intuition in business, right?

As you know, being a conscious entrepreneur is a way of life! It’s a state of being … 24/7 … wherein you live your life purpose, full of passion to share your knowledge and wisdom and to contribute to the world. This can bring you great fulfillment and joy … and happiness from within with a capital H!

Your intuition takes you to expanded levels of consciousness. It brings you to a deeper connection with your authenticity and a deeper sense of your life purpose. And it guides you every step of the way. It is from this level of connection with yourself … that you can then truly connect with others.
You may say, ok, now what do radios have to do with all of this?

Well, your intuition is always available to you. Sometimes, perhaps often, it is unreachable because it gets drowned out by your analytical mind and the chatter in your head. Let’s call it “your chatter” if you don’t mind.
So this is how it works:

Imagine there are 2 radios playing ... and the radio connected to “your chatter” is playing full blast!

Let’s take it a bit further... the music playing is heavy metal!


The radio connected to your intuition is playing very softly in the background ... gentle, soothing, relaxing music.


Question: So, how could you hear your intuition?

It’s that simple! The ‘noise’ is what blocks the receiving of the intuitive messages you are getting all the time.

To quiet the chatter, you can close your eyes, tune into your breath, and come into the present moment.

(When you close your eyes, you can easily come into an alpha state. This is a clear, calm, relaxed, aware state, a meditative state, visualization state, imagination, a state of body-mind connection, where your attention is primarily directed towards your inner world.

By simply closing your eyes, you can move into an alpha state from a beta state, which is where we, as adults, primarily live. A beta state is often called our “normal waking consciousness” which is actually our normal thinking state. It is where your attention is primarily directed towards your outer world.)

Awareness of Your Radios

My suggestion is to become aware of your radios. To do this, I invite you to experience this simple awareness technique you can do in a few minutes, to explore and adjust “your radio’s” as you would like them so that your intuition is easily heard.


The Radios

Close your eyes as you do each step. And experience what happens.

  1. Breathe and feel how your body feels right now.

  2. Imagine your radio connected to your “chatter”. Using your hand, begin to turn down the volume to very low.

  3. Feel your body now. Did anything change when you lowered the volume? If so, what? Perhaps you took a deep breath. Take note.

  4. Now slowly turn up the volume. What happens in your body-mind connection? With your breath? With your thought process? Just be aware. Turn it up as far as you like. What happened? Perhaps you stopped breathing. Take note.

  5. Breathe. Begin to slowly turn down the volume. What happens in your body-mind connection and with your breath? Take note.

  6. Repeat steps 2 – 5.

  7. Repeat steps 2 - 5 again. Each time you will become more aware of the effect of the high and low volumes. From awareness, you can make a conscious choice.

  8. Now, gradually turn up the volume to high – then to low – then turn it off if you like. How does your body feel now? Breathe. Be aware of your total body-mind experience. Take time for insights, ‘AHAs’.

  9. Now imagine the radio connected with your intuition. Be in a state of receptivity. Begin to play with the volume. Experience what happens. Take time for it. Feel your breath. Now set the volume to a level where you would like it for now. Take time to enjoy this connection and any words of wisdom. Take time for insights, ‘AHAs’.

  10. If you like, you can take a moment now to readjust both of your radio’s.


The richness of your intuition … the quiet voice within, the flash of an image, a sudden clear-knowing, a body-knowing, a clear feeling or gut feeling, a scent or fragrance you sense, a special taste in your mouth …

As a conscious entrepreneur, are you experiencing these subtle intuitive messages by taking control of your radios each day?

As you do, you can more easily and quickly tap into this subtle level of existence where your Wise Advisor resides. By mastering your intuition in business you can create a life and a business in sync!

It’s a rich and exciting journey, it’s fun!

If you are ready for more experiences to strengthen and deepen the intuitive connection you already have, and you want to feel supported in taking immediate inspired action each day in your business, I invite you to download my free experiential eBook, 11 Keys to Become Your Own Intuitive - How to Create a Life and Business in Sync ... Authentic Success from the Inside Out!

It’s 60+ pages full of information, awareness techniques, exercises, meditations, insights, case studies and fun stories.


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