What Does Intuition Have to Do With Conscious Business?

I would say: Everything!

As a conscious entrepreneur, how often do you make decisions in your business? How quickly do you sometimes need to have a clear answer?

The answer is usually: very.

Your gift of intuition will help you create and run a conscious business.

When you allow your intuition to guide you, you are able to make the best choices for yourself and your conscious business – and quickly. You make decisions that truly resonate and align with your heart and your soul.

Your intuition speaks truth and will guide you to live truth and live with integrity and honesty in your life and your business. And in the joy of living your passion and purpose!

Conscious entrepreneurs often ask the question:

How do you know when the message you are getting is true intuition?

For the most part, your intuitive messages are absolutely without emotion. It is a pure information level. There is often a kind of stillness – almost as if everything stops for a second – and then there is only this message that comes from your intuition. Have you ever had this experience?

If your intuitive message is coming from your abdomen, called clear-feeling, then some people do feel it as more than pure information. They may experience it emotionally. Yet they most often do experience a kind of stillness for a second – just before the intuitive message becomes conscious.

Take a minute to reflect on your life and your business to see if you are able to remember ever having a sense of this stillness just before receiving an intuitive message.

Sometimes you have an old mechanism set up in your body that somewhat blocks your intuition. Here is an example...

A client in my one-on-one mentoring program called me the other day.

In the past, he had made some very poor business decisions… and he and his business had suffered tremendously. In our first session, he said that this was especially true when his decision was not in alignment with his core value of integrity. He was now close to bankruptcy and was aware of an enormous fear that he would unconsciously repeat this pattern.

He said he was sometimes aware that he blocked the answers coming from his intuition. During our work together, he discovered why he was doing this and how.


The “why”:

One of the main reasons he found for having blocked his intuitive messages was that they were not logical … and many people in his past had made that very clear to him.

He uncovered years of old baggage and old tapes in his head and in his entire body that had been repeating the following series of messages:

What a stupid idea! …That won’t work. … I thought you were smarter than that. … How irresponsible! … what about your responsibility to your children, your wife, your clients?

Now, the pain of not being in alignment with his core value of integrity outweighed the fear of being seen as stupid or irresponsible.

Two other old reasons he found for blocking his intuition were wanting to be liked and not wanting to “rock the boat”.

After dumping his “trunk” full of limiting beliefs, he was able to release years of old trauma and pain. He then came into a beautiful energy of creative essence.

Then he came in touch with “how” he had been blocking his intuitive messages.

The “how” was really interesting. He uncovered what he called “a reject mechanism” which would reject the intuitive message before it could become conscious.

As he released the belief that he needed this to survive, a huge transformation happened.

When he called me a few days ago, he was very excited! He said: “I know the stillness now! I experienced the stillness … it was as if everything stopped for a second. And I knew it was my intuition. Instead of saying yes to a business proposal, I knew the answer was no."

I knew that I had to say no - if I want to say yes to my core values: to live with integrity and to lead by example.

He was almost in tears! … as he said, “This experience will always be with me! … and now I know I can reach this level of awareness again and again!

After saying no to the business proposal, within three days, another proposal presented itself – one in alignment with his core values – one that made his heart sing, and that has transformed his business and his life!


I am a contributing author to the book, Align, Expand and Succeed - Shifting the Paradigm of Entrepreneurial Success. The title of my book chapter is: “Being” in Business: Using Your Gift of Intuition in Business.

In connection with the book launch in October 2010, I was a Guest Blogger on Nancy Marmolejo’s Viva Visibility Blog. This article appeared on Nancy’s blog. Here's the link - click here

Mary Denaro